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Cheerlights is a global social media controlled light colour made by ioBridge Labs .

Cheerlights are controlled by twitter, tweeting @cheerlights and then a colour will turn everybody’s cheerlights in the world the same colour.

For example tweeting @cheerlights red will turn the lights red globally, the colours available are Red,Green,Blue,Cyan,White,WarmWhite,Purple,Magenta,yellow and Orange so lots to choose from.

The current cheerlight status can be seen here -:

The Project is being built around a Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno and a tlc5940.

The Raspberry Pi looks at the Api  page at cheerlights HQ and gets the latest colour, the Arduino recieves this information via usb and then sets the tlc5940 to a pre determined colour. The tlc5940 is a PWM driver ic, capable of many wonderful things, but we are using it for controlling RGB led’s.

The original project and sketch’s are here . I have modified the Pi script slightly to communicate with a cp2012 USB serial unit instead of the Raspberry pi.

The Arduino part of the project is a DIY arduino cut right back to basics, basically just 5v , a 16mhz xtal, 2 capacitors and that's it.

The circuits I used to build the project are -:


Combining these 2 circuits together wasn’t too hard, first we made it on breadboard

As you can see, quite a mess but worked perfectly for over 1 month.

The next stage of the project was to build it on a more permanent board and tidy it up.

This is the project so far, its now undergoing stability tests for the next few month’s.

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