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Cheerlights is a global social media controlled light colour made by ioBridge Labs .

Cheerlights are controlled by twitter, tweeting @cheerlights and then a colour will turn everybody’s cheerlights in the world the same colour.

For example tweeting @cheerlights red will turn the lights red globally, the colours available are Red,Green,Blue,Cyan,White,WarmWhite,Purple,Pink,Oldlace,Magenta,yellow and Orange so lots to choose from.

The current cheerlight status can be seen here -:

This years Cheerlights is being controlled by a Arduino, Ethernet shield and the FASTLED library. The LEDS this year are WS8211 addressable leds, so instead of just a solid colour change , you should see a gradual change over the 100 leds in the chain.

The code is available on github here. The original code is available here.

I altered the original code slightly to allow for WS8211 led’s and a variable to adjust the transition speed of the LED’s

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