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Cheerlights is a global social media controlled light colour made by ioBridge Labs .

Cheerlights are controlled by twitter, tweeting @cheerlights and then a colour will turn everybody’s cheerlights in the world the same colour.

For example tweeting @cheerlights red will turn the lights red globally, the colours available are Red,Green,Blue,Cyan,White,WarmWhite,Purple,Pink,Oldlace,Magenta,yellow and Orange so lots to choose from.

The current cheerlight status can be seen here -:

The Project is being built around a Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno and a Velleman KA01 RGB shield. Details about the shield can be found here link .

The Raspberry Pi looks at the Api page at cheerlights HQ and gets the latest colour, the Arduino receives this information and sets the PWM outputs that feed the KA01.

The code is available on github here. The code that runs on the raspberry pi is here

To see my project using a tlc5940 ic click here

To see my project using a home built controller click here

The lights used a common anode RGB leds , each fitted with current limiting resistors , there are 35 of the LED’s in the chain .


Here is each LED with its own current limiting resistor

Finished Light chain

KA01 on a Arduino UNO

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