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Xmas4all Version 2

Copyright 2015 xmas4all.co.uk

Welcome to my 2015 Version 2 project.

The new v2 controller will be able to control 16 channels.

And will be based upon the v1 controller.

Details about the v1 controller can be found here

Proposed hardware will be Raspberry Pi B+ and a 16 channel relay unit and a lot of custom built hardware.

Clicking on a image will show you a Hi-res image

Code can be found here on Github

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A new Raspberry Pi B+ and a B+ T cobbler from China.

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A wiring diagram that shows connectivity between the Pi and a relay card.

Original document can be found here.

1st Build on prototype board to test the new code and 16 outputs

3.3v pi to 5v -ve switch board

Switch board and relay board with tempory connections.